Monday, January 23, 2012

Coffee Yogurt Bread (For Debbie-My-Egg-Lady #2, 2012)

Baked on January 15, 2012

Oh dear- my notes are sketchy on this one, but here goes:


2 c WW flour (Bob's Red Mill)      about 2 c  bread flour
1/2 uncooked fine bulgur               2/3 c leftover very dark, strong coffee
2 T brown sugar                             5/8 oz. cake yeast dissolved in 3 T warm water
1/2 c. plain, lowfat yogurt              1/2 c  Greek style vanilla yogurt
1 T olive oil                                    1 1/2 t salt

Mixing and Method

Standard procedures that I use in my stand mixer.   (Fine bulgur can take being added to dough without soaking or cooking first.  It adds a little crunch. When bulgur is cooked first, it loses this nice crunchy aspect that makes it an interesting addition.)

Dough was a tiny bit sticky but firm.  It took about 90 minutes to double.  Weight: 2# 7 oz.  I shaped it into one oval loaf, 1# 8 oz, and one 15 oz. boule; these were set to rise a second time in my floured-and-towel-lined baskets.  I preheated one "small" roaster (my 13" lidded graniteware ) and a 1 1/2 qt. lidded le creuset pot in a 450 F oven.

Set into the heated pots and docked and misted breads before covering.
Baked at 450 F for 18 minutes and 7 minutes at 425 F.  Bread temperature was 200 F (instant read thermometer).

This was a delicious, highly flavorful, moist loaf.  Nice crumb, even rise.  I'll make this one again. 

No photos of these, but they could be mistaken for a dark rye or pumpernickel.

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